Reggie Alcos

Pickleball Coach

Pickleball is my jam! I fell in love with the sport not that long ago and I can’t get enough! It helped that I played collegiate tennis and was even named co-captain my Sophomore year. I’ve played all kinds of sports like basketball and golf. I’ve even won a few championships in some of these sports and, more recently, I’ve won a few pickleball mixers and placed in pickleball tournaments. I want to share my love for the game to anyone that wants to learn and grow their pickleball game. Join me!

I’m a big believer in technology and visualization. I like to send my students video analysis of their lessons so they can practice on their own.

Private 1on1: $70/Hour
Semi-Private 2 Students: $50/Hour/Student
Small Group 3-4 Students: $40/Hour/Student
Group Lessons 5+ Students: Please Contact

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